25 ngành nghề thu hút nhất Toronto, Canada

VISCO xin giới thiệu 25 ngành nghề thu hút nhất Toronto được The Toronto Star bầu chọn dựa trên mức lương theo giờ, sự phát triển công việc trong 5 năm tới và công việc mở.

RankJob titleWageGrowthJob openings
25Mechanical engineers$43/h23%380
24Engineer manager$55/h89%270
23Senior managers financial, communications$62/h76%270
22Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics$30/h36%415
21Graphic designers and illustrators$27/h30%435
20Database analysts and data administrators$39/h125%330
19Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers$32/h75%410
18Construction managers$40/h4%485
17Human resources professionals$38/h25%485
16User support technicians$31/h42%525
15Financial managers$49/h39%510
14College and other vocational instructors$33/h12%605
13Banking, credit and other investment managers$49/h36%620
12Computer and information systems managers$49/h42%660
11Software engineers and designers$44/h56%720
10Business management consulting$36/h46%755
9Retail wholesale and trade managers$38/h14%950
8Advertising, marketing and public relations managers$41/h93%875
7Financial auditors and accountants$35/h8%985
6Advertising, marketing and public relations$30/h31%1,185
5Technical sales specialists — wholesale trade$28/h0%1,360
4Computer programmers and interactive media developers$39/h18%1,495
3Financial and investment analysts$35/h-2%1,725
2Information systems analysts and consultants$41/h51%1,930
1Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses$36/h11%2,410

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